Remedial Therapy Appointment Structure

Prior to your consultation

To begin your wellness path we ask you to allocate some time prior to your consultation to fill in a New Client Questionnaire, this will be attached to your welcome email. Please bring your completed questionnaire to your initial consultation.

Please bring any current test results with you to your initial consultation. Most Doctors and allied health professionals are more than happy to give you a copy of your test results.

Initial Remedial Treatment

A 60 minute appointment is allocated for all Initial Remedial treatments. This ensures adequate time is available for a complete case history and any required musculoskeletal assessments.

Your therapist will develop an individualised treatment plan to help you reach and maintain your health goals.

Additional support therapies may be suggested such as dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise programs, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine to help you achieve your optimal wellness.

Following Remedial Treatments

We offer 60 minute following Remedial treatments. The early stages of treatment are often more intensive however over time as you achieve your health goals, you will find the process of maintaining wellness simply becomes the way you live your life.