Naturopathy Appointment Structure

Prior to your Consultation

To begin your wellness path we ask you to allocate some time prior to your consultation to fill in a New Client Questionnaire and a 2 Day Diet Diary. You will find the New Client Questionnaire and the 2 Day Diet Diary attached to your welcome email. Please bring your completed Questionnaire and Diet Diary to your initial consultation.

Using Questionnaires within a clinical setting assists us to form a baseline assessment of your health and to monitor your wellness progress.

Initial Consultation

We dedicate your initial consultation to fact finding. Your practitioner will ask you a diverse range of questions to gain an understanding of what’s occurring to you on a cellular, organ and emotional level. The first consultation gives your practitioner insight into you, your health concerns and your health goals.

After your initial consultation, and once the testing appointment has been conducted, your practitioner will take all the information that has been discussed, the questionnaire, and your test results and they will spend time researching exactly what is happening within your body, why you are feeling the way you do and how we are going to get you feeling happier and healthier. This research time is dedicated to you only and is included within your initial consultation fee.

Testing Appointment

The in-clinic testing includes body composition and cellular health, blood pressure, urinary pH levels, iridology, tongue and nail analysis. Your practitioner will use the information gained from the in-clinic testing to formulate an individualised program. Furthermore, the tests enable us to have a baseline marker to monitor your progress.

Additional tests may be required to clarify certain genetic traits and sensitivities such as food intolerance/ allergy testing, hair mineral analysis, heavy metal analysis, thyroid function, adrenal function, hormone profile, liver function, vitamin D status, methylation profile, and Pyroluria. All of which are at an additional fee and can be discussed further at your dedicated testing appointment.

Please bring any current test results with you to your initial consultation. Most Doctors and allied health professionals are more than happy to give you a copy of your test results.

Report of Findings and Following Naturopathic Consultations

Once our research is finalised a Report of Findings and a Wellness Plan will be presented to you at your follow up consultation. This is an insightful report all about you and your body. It is designed to address your health concerns and is a step by step guide on how we are going to assist you to achieve your optimal health.